More Frocks.

I am 11 months into wearing Dresses And Skirts Only To Work Except For On Casual Day.  Last March, I went on a crusade to purge my closet and somehow in April that turned into why would I wear pants when dresses are more fun in the summer?

Suddenly it’s March again.

Old Navy had some sort of ridiculous sale on dresses last week which I managed to resist for 8 hours until I could not resist any longer.  I think that the total cost was $71 or something in the neighborhood $17-ish a dress.  How reasonable, I know.

I think all of these could be good.  For work.  Or summer.

Without further adieu, some poorly lit selfies of my haul.

Dress 1 Dress 2 Dress 3 Dress 4

This last dress?  Is one that Beka tipped all of us off on.  I owe her.  She made a good call and since I have a thing against Actual Wrap Dresses (v. faux), I never would have sourced it otherwise.

Have you found any darling frocks lately?


4 responses to “More Frocks.

  1. The blue one is my fave! Good deals.

  2. You did great! All but one of my Old Navy dresses are getting returned. Somehow the wrap dress style that looks good on any body type looks terrible on me. *sigh Hopefully I can find some good alternatives when I make my return.

  3. Nope.

    I am a big fan of the wrap-style dress myself – due in large party to my bustiness (does anyone use the word “busty” anymore? I feel horribly old-fashioned now). I really like the striped one with the blue stripe at the bottom. I think blue will be my colour for the summer.

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