Get Lucky 7k Race Recap

Get Lucky 7k

On Saturday, I ran the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k with Lindsey, Katie and Dori.

For those of you who do not remember, Lindsey ran my first 5k next to me.  Last year, she did her first sprint triathlon and I told her that something that was important to me was that we have the chance to race together again.  When she suggested this race, I was all-in.

My mother-in-law is a saint and volunteers in the medical tent for their races quite frequently.  As a result of this, she had free race credits to use and she shared them with me.  Because running stops being the cheapest sport when you start racing with any amount of frequency and/or going to physical therapy.

After hearing reports from last year about how it took 45 minutes to get all of the runners across the start line, we made the executive decision to join-up with the 7:00 – 8:00 minute/mile corral.  We may have made a different decision had it been warmer outside (it was 20 degrees) but I am 100% positive that half of our fellow corral-mates were similarly situated.

As for the actual race, I had no real goals.  Lindsey and I ran together for the first 1.5k and I felt like I was hitting paces that were really comfortable.   It was going just swimmingly until the 5k. At the 5k mark, I got hit with a horrible abdominal (muscle) cramp.  I tried stretching while walking.  I tried run-walking.  The thing did not go away until I pulled off the race course and onto a sidewalk to do Cobra pose.

It was not ideal (I was extremely frustrated).  Based on the kilometer splits I was running for the first 5k versus the last 2k, I added 3 minutes onto my time.

Finish time = 41:10

That being said, I really have nothing to complain about when I look at my final time.  I’ve only run outside four times since last November.  I’ll live to fight another day.

What we were really running toward was brunch at Moose & Sadie’s.

We all ordered Huevos Rancheros. It was something akin to A Movement.


It was Lindsey’s first time trying them, which in my opinion is a Very Important Thing.  They essentially form the base of my brunch food pyramid as do all other Tex-Mex-inspired dishes. All in all, not a bad way to wrap up the morning.


2 responses to “Get Lucky 7k Race Recap

  1. I was there, too! I tried getting into the 8:30 corral – I wish I would have gotten there earlier to get into the 7-8. It was still crazy crowded. Congrats!

  2. Ha! I finished in 41:11 but didn’t get off until the 2nd wave.

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