Bringing the #RunningPackInTheSky to Life

Lake Superior 017

When we were discussing our itinerary for Houston, I did not make a secret of the fact that I was just itching to run.  I have not run outside since probably the very beginning of November and part of my Houston game was to Spend As Much Time Outside As Possible.

I am not a terrifically social runner.  I think we all know that given the choice, I will almost always run on my own.  But, while rare,  there is truly nothing more wonderful than being able to run with friends.  Allison and I have been swapping training and race stories for years now and even though she lives So Far Away, I consider her to be one of the most important parts of my running support squad.

So for a couple of humid, foggy mornings we laced up our shoes and headed out.

Also, thank you for swapping photos with me, Allison!  It’s nice to have both halves of the same run.  🙂

We departed knowing that the promise of bacon was waiting for us back at home.

Jeanne was kind enough to map out a route for us before we left.   Otherwise we could have been trotting forever.

Lake Superior 009 Lake Superior 011 Lake Superior 018 photo 1-3

Not that trotting forever would have been the worst fate.  Even though it pretty much felt like we were running through a rainforest, it was so wonderful to finally be doing it.

photo 3-2

But coming home to delicacies like Breakfast Biscuit Bar and French Toast Waffles and bacon is pretty much the best incentive to make sure that you find your way back to the place where you started.


4 responses to “Bringing the #RunningPackInTheSky to Life

  1. So if they aren’t chicken tracks, what are they huh?

  2. Sounds like the perfect breakfast to enjoy after a run 🙂

  3. According to our sage, Jeanne, they were some big bird that was probably after a mouse that got stuck in the wet cement. Maybe a vulture? But not a chicken. #TheMoreYouKnow

  4. Is that the new Athleta top? Cute! Glad you were able to frolic out of doors.

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