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I have never made any secret of the fact that The Blog has unexpectedly brought so many smart, funny, caring, gorgeous friends into my life.

At some point four years ago (it may have been three, but I’m pretty sure it was four), while we were cruising The Pioneer Woman’s comments section searching for future readers, Allison , Beka, Jeanne, Kirsten, Madelyn, Megan and I found one another.   And so we built friendships on comments and theme weeks.  And through the pies and the cookies, the crepes and the cakes it came to life.

To call our geographical distribution inconvenient would be an understatement.  We spent most of 2013 joking about what it would be like to meet in real life and spend a weekend together and what all of that would look like until October when we said, Duh.  We have to do this.  We talk every day.  We are one another’s humans.  At which point in very short order we booked plane tickets and called it A Plan.

So two weekends ago, Allison, Beka, Jeanne, Kirsten, Madelyn, Megan and I were finally…together.   For lack of a better term.   For the next 72 hours we talked and ate.  Period.  We did go to Brenham to visit lovely Miss Katie and go antiquing, but hand to God that was the most time intensive/planned thing that went down.

OKMHHOU - Group in Brenham

There is so much I could say about the food that Jeanne and her wonderful husband cooked for us (like the fact that seven of us destroyed 10 pounds of bacon in three days).

Actually, I know exactly what I want to say: I was in Texas and I was not at all sad that I did not go out for Mexican or BBQ or Southern-ish stuff, so high was the quality of the food that they fed us.  As in: I didn’t even think about the fact that restaurants were a thing that we could possibly need.  Home cooking will beat restaurant cooking 90% of the time.  What is going down in that house will beat restaurant cooking 110% of the time.

For this month’s box exchange, we agreed to exchange them in person.  Which I am sure was very magical except for the fact that by the time that we rolled into Jeanne’s house on Friday night, I literally collapsed from exhaustion after a very late dinner.  As in I fell asleep on the couch with the lights on, wearing my traveling clothes, surrounded by six women who were very much awake and busy exchanging gifts.

Our exchange theme was travel and while everything that Jeanne gave me was lovely (chocolate, stain wipes, nail polish, one of her favorite books, lotion, soaps), most impressive amongst all of the things were the zippered pouches that she gave me.

Lake Superior 042

Those purple oil cloth pouches that are on the right side of the snap?  Yeah, she made those.  The little pouch nests perfectly into the big pouch.  This is not accidental stuff, kittens.  She is a gifted artist.

She also made us each our own girls’ weekend pillow case.

Lake Superior 044

The tutorial (in case you need it, which I know you do) is right here.

I someday hope to have the amount of talent that she has in her pinky finger.

I think once upon a time, I thought I would have so much to say about our Houston adventures.  What we ate, what we did, what we wore.  None of that actually mattered.  What mattered is that for those precious days, we got to be us.

Until next year.

OKMHHOU - Field of Miniature Donkeys


5 responses to “#OKMHHOU

  1. Perhaps you inherited the gene – my girlfriends are like air to me…..

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  3. As always, well said. We got to be us without distraction, and that is something that I’ll always cherish.

  4. Kat, I still get the giggles every time I browse through our photos and see you asleep on the couch. It warms my heart to know you were so comfortable with all of us so quickly, you felt safe closing your eyes. And we didn’t even go through your suitcase, toothpaste your upper lip or freeze your bras! So much fabulous in such a short span of time. It makes me want to jump right back in and do it again. How does May look for you?

  5. To validate in person what we already knew in our guts about our friendship was perfection. Now let’s do it again.

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