From the department of I Never Blog About Work, a few things for you all.

1. I got a promotion.  (11/10, I kn0w)

2. Because I am a maniac and want to remember the horrors of college (where I was a full-time student, worked 30 hours per week and was an active member of my sorority), I applied to take the SPHR exam this spring.  So this is my life.


Not pictured: The SPHR for Dummies book that is still in-transit.  Because, you know, clearly I don’t have enough books.

If you want to know a fun fact about me, it’s that my learning style is Note Taking.  I don’t care if you lecture me or if I read it.  If I can’t write it down, I will never, ever remember it.  I am now consumed by pages upon pages upon pages of reading and pages and pages and pages of the corresponding notes.  Oh, and the hours of studying.

That’s pretty much my life in a nutshell right now.


7 responses to “Career-ing.

  1. Congrats my dear. I know you will exceed all expectations because you are a Rock Star.

  2. YES! Go for it, Kat!

  3. You can do it Kat! Go team!

  4. Congrats Lady! I didn’t give this proper attention when we saw you guys last Saturday – so exciting!

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