Friday Food Round-Up!

Get back home, get in the kitchen.  That’s pretty much the routine around these parts.  I am seriously so lucky that Marcus hits the grocery store for us, because coming home to a freshly stocked kitchen and pantry was a relief.

Tuesday – Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps


This is an example of a time where Past Kat saved Future Kat’s booty.  What could possibly sound good after  weekend where we steamrolled 10 pounds of bacon?  Lean meat and greens, kids.  Or following the theory of opposite cusines, after a long weekend of from scratch Tex-Mex, how about…Asian?

Wednesday – Chili and Northern Cornbread from The Joy of Cooking


Usually we make Our Favorite Chili (The Pioneer Woman’s Simple, Perfect Chili).  But at Christmas, Billy gave me a Jardine’s Chili Making kit in a burlap sack fresh from Texas.  Now seemed like the perfect time to action that.

I like chili just fine without cornbread, but since we’ve managed to clear the freezer of corn muffins, I basically had to.  You know?  Since we never ever just have buttermilk hanging around, I did that trick where you mix a cup of milk with some lemon juice and call it a day.  It never fails us.


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