Mittens, Mail and a Full Heart

Y’all.  I am fresh home from a weekend spent with Allison , Beka, Jeanne, Kirsten, Madelyn and Megan. It was perfect and wonderful and I’ll have more to share about that.  Next week.  Hello, it’s Wednesday already. If you’re really dying for a sneak peek, check out Katie’s post. 🙂

When I came home, I arrived to (amongst other things) a massive stack of mail that topped off by a Priority Mail envelope from @MlleQueenR.  I opened it, and pulled out the most gorgeous pair of homemade mittens.


I don’t know that I’ve properly documented my love of mittens on the blog.  That we have made it so far without exploring this important point is nothing short of a travesty.  But I do.  Love mittens.  I have probably 11 or so pairs of and the only gloves I own are for running.  Because I don’t want to live in a touch screen world.  Okay?

But this post isn’t really about mittens.

When I started blogging nearly six years ago, I had no idea what I could expect Tenaciously Yours, to give me (not to mention the fact that I didn’t tell anyone about it for the first year). I was really just looking for a place to take the words out of my head and put them somewhere.  I still look to The Blog as a place where I can put Things.  Memories, ideas, tirades and the like.

What has Tenaciously Yours, given me?  Space to write, of course.  Words are the wind in the sails, here.  But more importantly, it has given me so many incredible, life-giving relationships.  While I never anticipated this, each day I am so very thankful.  My world is bigger because of it.


One response to “Mittens, Mail and a Full Heart

  1. I know we were always close, but I feel like the blogs brought us closer together too. What a great little corner of the internet. I’m also glad you are the ring-leader in the “how many times can we see Mads in a year” contest that I didn’t know we were having.

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