Friday Food Round-Up!

Real-life: We ran out of onions after Sunday’s dinner and I completely abandoned ship on Monday’s cooking plans because that day was Too Long.  By the time I had gotten off the treadmill, it was far more excellent to use the Buffalo Wild Wings gift cards I had won.  So we had chicken wings for dinner and I tossed some tater tots in the oven.

Just living my truth, people.

Friday – Roasted Game Hens with Oven Fries and Asparagus Salad


When Marcus and I discussed Valentine’s Day plans about a month or so ago, he mentioned that he would like to cook for me.  Just so we’re all clear, I do not mind that I do The Cooking in this family.  It’s a soothing activity for me.  But the idea that he would prepare dinner for me and I could come home from work and Not Worry About A Thing?  Magic.

Ketsana’s is pretty much on our speed dial, FYI.  So there was no cause for supreme concern.

I know that people get OMGSOSCARED about roasting bone-in chicken, but honestly, it is really probably the most simple thing to prepare on earth because you put it in the oven and then ignore it.

Sunday – Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala, Channa Masala, Rice and Garlic Naan


When Melissa and I were out for dinner a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she and her husband were massive fans of Indian food.  How convenient.  Devising a menu for our Olympics-watching party = no brainer.

Yes, the crockpot tikka masala is good.  But more importantly, if you’re making a full-fledged feast, it makes it FAR easier to present a number of different dishes.  Fancy.

Wednesday – Sambal Chicken Skewers with Roasted Broccoli and Brown Rice


Once again, we made skewers without any skewers because shish kebabs are The Worst.  Instead I pulled the skin off of some chicken thighs, dipped in our marinade and set on a roasting rack in the oven.  Presto.


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Wow, the game hens look so good. I tried long ago to make them and it was a fail. Maybe I can do it this time with your help. 🙂 I love the food you make it’s so great and healthy. Props to you. Great job. Your husband is a lucky man. 🙂 Love ya,

    Shauna xo

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