Travels Past: Versailles

It took me three trips to France to get to Versailles.  I still can’t completely figure out how exactly that happened, but it was wonderful to finally get there.

Picture 224 Picture 226 Picture 233

In our tried and true way, we arrived at the Palace just before it opened.  The sun poked through the clouds sporadically and the parade ground was completely empty.

Picture 235Picture 236Picture 241Picture 244

One pro-tip for all of you if you are going to Paris is to source a Museum Pass.  If you are going to be in the city for any period of time and are planning to visit All Of The Big Spots, not only will this pass save you money, but it will get you out of waiting in every single line.

Picture 282

It should come as no surprise to you that (1) I wore sequins in honor of Marie Antoinette and (2) I found the Hall of Mirrors to be a Spiritual Home.  Seriously.  Mom practically had to drag me out.

Picture 276Picture 285

Tiny Katherine would have been especially pleased, because I made sure to do a few twirls while I was in there.  It was Important Work.

We also visited les Petit et Grand Trianons.  Because even though your head is already pretty much full after having walked the main palace, these two gorgeous buildings would qualify As Palaces and not Houses/Chateaux in most places.

Picture 294Picture 296Picture 297Picture 302Picture 305

Apparently they were a great escape for the King and Queen/Mistresses when they wanted to take a break from court life.  I think we need to compare definitions of  “escape.”  It is now my life’s work to dwell in a home where my gilded monogram is displayed prominently and everywhere.  Just in case you forget whose staircase it is.

Had it been warmer (April really was The Coldest last year), it would have been wonderful to spend a day roaming the grounds, but there has to be something to look forward to Next Time.


One response to “Travels Past: Versailles

  1. Versailles was the highlight of my trip to France. Unfortunately, I wore horrible shoes and nearly broke my feet on the rocks in the garden, so I didn’t get to see the little chateau. Amen on the hall of mirrors. I’m still trying to figure out a way to move in.

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