Friday Food Round-Up!

Clearly I tried to make up for last week’s lack of cooking with an abundance this week.  And so, the pendulum swings.

Sunday – Taco Pizza

Sunday 1

Yes, I made this for pizza week.  But I also made it as a contribution for a Superbowl pre-game feast.  As we already know: it is good in all situations.

Related: Praise God for Mike’s roommates who actioned all manner of feast-y food including wings and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.   Made my day.

Sunday – Garden Pie

Sunday 2

After a weekend of entertaining, tap room visiting and superbowl feasting, I really just wanted to eat something simple, easy, fresh and delicious.  Garden pie was just the ticket.

Monday – Pan Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas, Brown Rice and Steamed Asparagus


This Dinner Is So Good.  The chickpeas when tossed with the harrisa, broth and tomato paste is sort of like a different style of masala.  My biggest issue is figuring out where to buy our next jar of harrisa because I’m pretty sure that our local stores no longer carry it, which is tragic.

We topped the asparagus with some leftover mustard vinaigrette just because.

Tuesday – Thai Red Curry Beef from Cooking Light Slow Cooker Tonight! with rice and roasted broccoli


Here is the thing about slow cooking: It almost always takes more time for me to get all of this stuff together, prepped and into the pot than it would, were I cooking it normally.  And then for the privilege of this level of prepared-ness, I get to wait THREE MORE HOURS than it would normally take to put dinner on the table.

That being said, Brady gave me this cookbook for my birthday and all of the dinners I’ve made from it so far have been total winners.  This dinner was no different.  Marcus and I both inhaled it.


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