Mileage and Registration and Stuff.

I ran 115 miles in January.  Which is the most I have run since August 2013, when I went all Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It is also the most I’ve run in the name of mileage base-building since December 2011/January 2012.  How far we have come in the effort to Run Healthy.  I am more proud of the fact that I ran just to run this month and that I was able to run with boundaries than I am of the actual number.

This month will be more of the same.  Consistent mileage.  Consistent speed.  Letting my legs do what they know how to do.

In other news, today is registration day for the Twin Cities Marathon.  The first person to text me was my mother.  And so I gave her a call and she asked me if I was planning to run the 10 Mile and I told her that I was running the marathon, because it may be my last marathon before we try to start a family.

Like, that’s just real life.  Would I love to run the marathon in 2015?  Of course.  But I also sort of hope to be pregnant at that point and the two do not really go together.  I know that there will be many marathons After Babies, but you don’t need me to tell you that They Change Everything.

Also: I really hope that the news that Marcus and I want to start a family someday, sooner than later in the grand scheme of things, does not come as a surprise.  My purpose on this Earth is not to live off of craft beer and take selfies, as committed as I may appear to be to that effort right now.

So I registered and it was sort of anti-climactic because filling out registration forms tends to be that way and I spent a lot of time this morning thinking about the fact that this will be my fifth marathon start and how truly blessed I am to have this Thing as a part of my life.  Training for and running the marathon is such an incredible gift.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I hope that I never ever lose sight of that.


6 responses to “Mileage and Registration and Stuff.

  1. Cherish the training, the process, and the race… They can be both alien and familiar on the other side of offspring – but still so worth it!

  2. Ooh giddy with the thought of mini-Kat. Can’t wait. Like, really can’t wait.

  3. Doesn’t beer help with lactation? Never change.

  4. Well said! Happy training 🙂

  5. Really looking forward to the 10-miler lottery and (hopefully!) seeing you and cheering. xxoo

  6. Awesome and Awesome! (Marathon and Baby planning)

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