For the amount of running I do, I don’t replace the majority of my gear very often.  When I do, it transpires in the following order: Shoes.  Tights.  Socks.

Let’s all take a moment to remember the fact that I was a sock monogamist for three years.

That should give you a better idea of the sort of replacement timeline I’m working on.

Hand to God, I have yet to throw out a running top or a sports bra.  It’s nearly time for new sports bras, but the tops are still hanging in there.  I almost wish that some of them would give up the ghost already, except now I’ve owned them for long enough that we have Finish Line Memories together.

I realize that all of that might sound slightly crazy, but pretty much we wear things until they fall apart in this house.  I’m fairly certain that the C9 brand from Target could survive the nuclear apocalypse.

But when I saw the Athleta Jaya top a few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to have it.

Jaya Tank

It was originally $54, and even though I thought it was possible I could love it that much, I just couldn’t bring myself to hit the Checkout button.  So maybe I’ve been stalking the site for the past few weeks hoping that the magical combination of A Sale and My Size would happen.

A 20% off of sale items coupon code ($26 including shipping) made it worth it.  It also explains this springy green color versus…gray.  Or pink.  Or navy.  I think I gave up on color preferences about the time I graduated from college – the one that looks best on you is the one that you are wearing.  Sooner or later one of my running tops will fail.  But until then, I’ll be enjoying something purely because I happen to find it pretty.

Where do you get your favorite workout tops from?


2 responses to “Gear.

  1. My tops are often from lululemon or Under Armour. I recently read that you’re supposed you replaced your sports bras as often as your running shoes…which I definitely don’t.

  2. Score on the Athleta sale. I love their stuff but it is pricey! And too long for short people. Tragic. But happy for you. I like that color, actually.

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