Friday Food Round-Up!

This week, a cast of characters we haven’t seen on our table in a long time.

Sunday – Austin Style Black Beans with Red Chile Rice from The Homesick Texan


I am fully aware that there is this school of thought aligned with scratch cooking beans because they are so cheap/bountiful/easy, etc.

But the reality is that cooking dried beans is a commitment.  You need to be able to plan ahead and you need to have a couple of hours to burn.

I think that this is my best batch of scratch-beans to date, and they fed us for more meals than I would really care to count.  Add the half avocado that has been hiding in your fridge for the weekend and suddenly it’s fancy.

Tuesday – Breakfast Rellenos with Uncle Richard’s Hot Sauce from The Homesick Texan and Guacamole


  1. I truly hate roasting peppers.  It is my least favorite thing on earth.
  2. The poblano peppers we used for this were…oddly spicy.

As promised, I got to start working my way through the stash of green (turkey) chorizo in our freezer.  The recipe requests four poblano peppers for stuffing, but unless you have the largest peppers in the history of the earth, there is WAY too much filling.  So I bought two more peppers instead.

Wednesday – Sesame Chicken with Rice and Roasted Broccoli


We haven’t made this recipe in The Longest Time and it is such a shame because really, it is so good.

It’s a $10 Dinner via Melissa D’Arabian.  So, good for the budget and an even better way to avoid take-out.

What I would do next time is lay off a bit on the butter that you’re meant to drizzle over the chicken prior to baking.  Otherwise, it is perfect.  If you’re feeling particularly kicky, give the marinade a solid boil and use it as a reduction for the finished product.

Hopefully yours will look a bit more glamorous than mine.


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