Reverb 14 | January | Routine

#reverb14 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2014.   Each month, Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Routine: Have you started a new routine this January?  Is this routine different from last year?  Is it the result of a resolution or goal you’re working on?  Tell us about your days.  How do they flow?  If you’d like, maybe give us a full “day in the life” or just some snippets.

Earlier this week, I wrote about and how I’m trying to prioritize rest in my life.  So I thought it would be nice to show you what my Saturday looked like!

I wake up.  Since I’m not specifically training for anything these days, I don’t have to run right away in the morning.  So instead I make breakfast (oddly, I decided on overnight oats, which I haven’t had in a long time) and sit down with a cup of coffee and my netbook.

Lake Superior 001

Except for the mornings where I’m not starving when I roll out of bed or just happen to want to run first.  Then I run first.

Since I’m on a decluttering/purging rampage, I’ve been scouring my closet for Things That Need To Go.  I find this horrible mistake of a Ralph Lauren sweatshirt with a hood that was frankenstein-ed onto it.

Lake Superior 002

File under: Should not have bought this in the first place.

I’ve always wondered if I could cut the hood out and have a sweatshirt that I actually liked.  And I’ve spent a lot of time coveting a dark gray crewneck sweatshirt at Target lately (it’s from the C9 line – I’m obsessed).  So today is the day to give it a try.

I am a DIY master when it comes to scissors and clothes.

Lake Superior 017

Crisis averted.  The Goodwill will not be getting a sweatshirt.  I will not be buying that Target sweatshirt and I am plus one piece of clothing I already owned.  If had showered and put on make-up at this point in the day, I would do a selfie (sorry kids, no bed head-glasses selfies), but I’m still waiting to run, so no dice.

Some collateral damage in the purge: These Hot Rollers.

Lake Superior 004

I’m sure they’re quite nice, and I wrestled with them once, but remember how my hair doesn’t curl?  Me too.  They must go.

It was finally time to run.  So I did that.

Lake Superior 005

And watched the last episode of Rodeo Girls.  It’s a tragedy, really.  It’s such a phenomenally terrible show, and yet that is what makes it so great.

When I’d wrapped up my five miles, I took some time to stretch.

Lake Superior 006

I showered and ate ants on a log for my first lunch.

Lake Superior 007

I had four lunches over the course of four hours: ants on a log, a grapefruit,  Gingerade Kombucha, mashed avocado on toast.  It was a day where grazing worked.

I went over to my parents’ house to drop off a picnic set I had discovered in our closet underneath the stairs and a food processor they had loaned me in 2009.

Lake Superior 008

I bet you did not think that I was going to unearth those two things and return them to their rightful home.  Surprise.

Spot, was of course, living the life.

Lake Superior 012

I also made a grocery run.  Marcus usually does all of our shopping (TJ’s-ALDI-Cub) but this week he asked me if I could cover the Cub leg.

Lake Superior 003

No problem.  What I didn’t find at Cub: $0.99/pound chicken thighs.  Where I did find them: Rainbow.  Our freezer is now +10 pounds of meat.  Seriously it is the best deal.

I read for a bit.

Lake Superior 013

Also pictured: Lunch #3.

And then we dated. I wore my new sweatshirt (and red lipstick).

Lake Superior 018

Husbands are so great like that.

We had a gift card for The Sunshine Factory which is why it was our first stop.  But they also have a good tap selection and a pretty solid happy hour.

I also decided we needed to play a pull tab each because…lucky.

Lake Superior 014Lake Superior 015

We were not actually lucky at all.

Our next stop was The Four Firkins.  We did some tasting and some retail therapy and it was all good.  I failed at photo-ing because I was too busy workshopping.

From there we were off to The Rabbit Hole in Minneapolis, which actually offers a variety of Korean fusion cuisine.  We had a really phenomenal sausage and a kimchi fried rice that I now need to become proficient at making.  It was just to die for.  I could probably eat it for every meal.

I am reliably informed that we may be able to accomplish this with the kimchi from Trader Joe’s.  I solemnly swear that if I manage to re-create this dish, I will actually write a recipe for y’all.

Lake Superior 016

From dinner, we rolled over to Fulton – they had just released Patience, which is a Barleywine.  For those of you keeping track, it is Marcus’ favorite style of beer.  We grabbed one bottle to share and another bottle to age.  There was definitely a glass to drink, too.

The last stop of the night was mildly depraved, but I was really craving ice cream (it happens).  I had stayed strong as we drove past two McDonald’s locations but when I saw a Wendy’s across the intersection, I realized I could live my dream of eating the Wendy’s Frosty waffle cone.  I’m mildly ashamed to admit that this is the better part of a year in the making.

So Marcus took a left turn instead of going straight and a dream was realized.  It was amongst the most American of all the foods.  But I will always be a Frosty purist – in the cup only, please.

And from there, straightaway into bed.

Internet: If I were to do a Week In The Life, would you want to see that?

Have you tried to create a new routine for 2014?


7 responses to “Reverb 14 | January | Routine

  1. Love this post! You’ve introduced me to a few new places I have to try now. It would be fun to see a week in the life sometime.

    Routine has changed for us at home. And I like it. More workout, less drinky-drinky during the week, more cooking (Thank God that my husband is finally on board with this), and making the bed. Who knew that something so simple would make my evenings crawling into bed more indulgent? 😉 It’s like I’m at a hotel or something. Only, without the nasty bedspread/comforter.

  2. Thumbs up to Week in the Life. Are you enjoying that book? I liked that one. Confirmed my plan to get a horse when I turn 55.

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  4. Yes. Week in the Life.

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