The Ravenna 5s

Ravennas 1

My love for the Brooks Running Ravennas is well documentedTo say the least.

The Ravenna 4s were a total bust.  I bought a pair of them in the spring of 2013.  They felt like death warmed over on my feet and they did nothing but hurt me for the few runs I survived wearing them.  It was The Saddest Thing because I LOVED my shoes and Brooks had ruined them.  They live on as power walking-vanity shoes and that is that.

During this brief period of grief, I decided that if I didn’t have to switch shoes just yet, I would not.  Because if anything is true about runners and shoes, once you find a good one, YOU DON’T F*** WITH IT.  It’s like tempting fate.  Since the Ravenna 3s had gone on sale with the new release, I ordered four pairs (which also saved me massive amounts of $$$) and got ready to wait out the storm.

So I ran my way through those four pairs of shoes.  When December 2013 rolled around, I knew that my clock was up and if the Ravenna 5s weren’t My Shoe, I was going to need to get fitted and quickly.  I know that this does not sound like much, but shoe fitting is always An Ordeal.

So I ordered them and crossed my fingers and what have you because sometimes that is just how things have to be.

And when they arrived, I put them on with the knowledge that either I would make it through a full run, or after 10 minutes I would be changing shoes and admitting defeat.  Yes, it is seriously like that.

10 minutes later?  I knew my feet had come home.

I almost cried tears of real joy about twenty minutes into my run because I could not believe how Good these shoes were.  It was if they had taken the original Ravennas (the best incarnation) and finally made it to 2.0.

Considering the fact that I have probably run through 14+ pairs of these shoes, I feel like that is saying something.

I want them on my feet all the time.

So begins the hunting and pecking for coupon codes and discounts, so that I can order my shoes for the rest of 2014.  If y’all know of any good Brooks/Dick’s/REI discount codes, etc. PLEASE let me know!

Runners: What shoes are you wearing these days?


One response to “The Ravenna 5s

  1. Having worn K-Swiss since I was 14 years old, my Marathon shoe is Kwicky Blade-light. My everyday running shoe is an (orange) Nike Lunarlon’s that I bought myself last Christmas.

    The Lunarlons are nearing the end of their life and I was planning on throwing them away in December, I broke my rule and used them for the SB Marathon. Haven’t tossed them yet, but should.

    Running shoes, complicated much?

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