For the past week, Marcus and I have been viciously purging the house of Things And Clutter.

While I wouldn’t say that our home is stuffed to the gills with possessions, our closet space is extremely limited.  So the things that are using up that precious storage space truly do need to be worth the space they are consuming.

My closet is always the biggest culprit.  I mean, isn’t it always?  I’m not always buying housewares – dinner plates are dinner plates.  I do regularly buy new clothes.  To that end, I always keep a box in my closet for cast-offs.  That way, instead of trying on something repeatedly, despising it and then releasing it to the wild, I can just rid myself of it straightaway.

Nonetheless, there are always things hanging in my closet that I know I should have gotten rid of years ago.  It’s not a perfect system.  Some of the vagabond garments are things I knew were mistakes as soon as I hung them up.  Others, I’ve kept for far too long, waiting for the fortuitous day where That Piece and the rest of my closet come together as one.

It never happens.

And I know that as you read all of that, you thought of exactly what you’ve been stringing along as well.

It’s just the natural order of things.  Which is why we all do it.

I think what I’m most tickled by this go-round are not the shirts that have gone unworn since my sophomore year of college, but the bathmats from Marcus’ rental house in Uptown.  They are probably…five years old?  And yet I only just discovered them in our linen closet.

The next stop on this crusade is probably our basement.  Just looking at our shelves right now, I know that there are movies we are not watching, margarita glasses we have never touched and books we will never read again.

Which is to say nothing the full review we need to conduct of the closet beneath the stairs.

It’s all part of the process.


One response to “Decluttering

  1. If only you could see the pile of stuff I’m getting rid of pre-move. I wonder how it all fit in my tiny apartment.

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