Candles and Decorating and Such

To warn you, this post is basically a festival of snaps taken in terrible lighting.

A few years ago I was in some wildly vapid conversation where I declared, I really want to learn how to decorate with candles.

Hand to God, those words actually came out of my mouth.

I mean, really.

  1. Is decorating with candles a learned skill?
  2. How much technique does one really need to successfully decorate with candles, beyond an active effort to not burn one’s own house down?

I grew up with tapers at the dinner table, but we weren’t burning pillars all over the house or anything like that.  It was a subdued situation.   I was (and still am) of the opinion that the Yankee Candle Company and Scentsy are on the same level as Diet Coke and Margarine (the Axis of Evil).

A few years ago, Marcus bought a bag of probably 100 tea lights for one reason or another and they have been languishing in the bottom drawer of our kitchen island.  I thought that working our way through those would probably be a good place to start.

Exhibit A: These crystal candlesticks we received for our wedding.

Candles 1

They have spent most of their lives on top of the footlockers in our living room.

Exhibit B: These jam jars I have been washing and saving once we have emptied them.

Candles 2

I’m especially proud of this idea – they’ve been taking up space in our cabinets for a long time now.  I’m sure that the more creative types would swath these in ribbons and fabric and whatnot, but a more neutral look works for the ledge on which they are balanced.

Related: We all know that I don’t own the sort of ribbon and fabric bits that these jars could be wrapped in.  Unless curling ribbon counts.

Exhibit C: These $5 Mercury Glass votive holders from Target.

Candles 3

I was apprehensive about bringing these glasses home because they are a silvery-blue and our living room motif is more of a warm cherry-brown-sort of situation.  I like to think that they’re sort of reminiscent of those fancy $30 candles at Anthropologie.  I just don’t think I’m at $30 of commitment with candles yet.

I’m sure y’all can understand where this feeling stems from.

We’re off to a good start.

3 responses to “Candles and Decorating and Such

  1. I’ve been using jam jars for candles, too! But I didn’t come up with the idea myself. I copied a restaurant where I saw it. My husband loves when I have candles going, especially on cold winter nights.

  2. I think it occurs with homeownership. For example, I’ve become riveted by mercury glass accessories. What kind of sentence even is that?

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