One Kitchen, Many Hearts: The Best of The Rest

Happy New Year, kittens!

I’m sure that today you will be getting bombarded by (crosses self) resolution posts and other celebratory-type stuff by The Internet.

There are no resolutions here.  Just joy and wonderful friends.

OKMH 2013

Top Row:  Allison , Beka & JeanneCenter: Moi & Kirsten, Bottom Row: Madelyn & Megan.

In December (just in time for Christmas!), Megan sent me a gorgeous box full of adorable things.

Box 1

Translation: Things that I adore.

What you see here?  All of the makings for proper mitts plus a party nail.

Box 2

We all know that it’s pretty much impossible for me to action mitts these days without some form of sparkle.  If party nails become passé?  That is not a life I want to live.

This clutch falls in-line with the Princess Kate school of accessorizing.

Box 3

AKA never carry a handbag that actually looks as though it could contain anything.  Besides air and magic.

What is not air and magic?  Fancy chocolate.

Box 4

Fancy chocolate is actually soul-filling.  Maybe I’ll eat it as a single bar.  Or, maybe, I’ll action it into a fancy s’more.  I am a microwave s’more FIEND.  Seriously.  Try it if you aren’t doing it already.

In case you haven’t been watching the Weather Channel, the TODAY show or any other national broadcast, it is deep-freeze cold

Box 5

So these hand-warmers were particularly well received.  When we’re not running around in the snow and the sub-zero temperatures and swathing our bodies in enough fabric to disguise any suggestion of their True Shape, we do like to go out, do fancy things and enjoy life.

Enter: Accessories.

Box 6

This necklace was SUCH a thoughtful gift.  I am horrifically allergic to nickel and the like, so bead-arrangements are key.  This one with the faux-rhinestones?  Especially glamorous.

Thank you So Much Megan.  This box came at such a necessary time and it was all joy.  I felt the love all the way from the West Coast!

And in 2014: OKMH 2.0.

4 responses to “One Kitchen, Many Hearts: The Best of The Rest

  1. Such a glam box, and just in time for New Years parties. Perfect!

  2. Oh thank GOODNESS you’re not allergic to the necklace hahah WHEW!!

    I’m so thrilled you liked it all – and that Princess Kate clutch, I’m off to buy one for myself now, too. It’s a must-have bag of magic.

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  4. Love. It. All!! Such Big Glam in one little flat rate box. The baubles are especially lovely. The Duchess would be proud.

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