Weekend Bits and Pieces

I preface this by saying that I am absolutely terrible about washing my car.  I think the last time that Karat got a wash was in September and that is because I happened to pay Billy to detail my car before he headed down to Texas.

We had an unseasonably warm day on Saturday.  45 degrees.   Today, the windchill (and the temperature) dropped below zero again.  So in addition to flinging open all of the windows in our house to air it out and filling up my gas tank, I decided to get a car wash.

Which was exactly the same idea that the rest of the state seemed to have in-mind.  Because once the temperature dips below zero, road spray disappears, functionally speaking.  Translation: You can get your car washed and it will look shiny-new.

Sidebar: If you live in a state where salt and road spray do not exist, never change.

When I pulled in, I saw that the line for the car wash stretched to the entrance of the gas station, but I was not deterred.  Rather, I made a quick bathroom run, pulled a La Croix out of my purse and settled in for the long haul.

There were 10 cars in line.


It was a long haul.

I had time to review The 70 Best Pictures of Kate Middleton.  They are all great.  You should too.

An hour later?  Karat.  In the wash.  Today?  Shining.  Like new.

On Sunday we Winesday-ed (minus our wedding-planning and southbound members) and I FINALLY got to meet Ann’s beautiful daughter, Lena.

Lena and I

Thank you Angie for the snap!

We had Facetimed before, but nothing can compare to holding a tiny pup in your arms.  She is truly such a little blessing.  Perfect.  Wonderful.

I think we will keep her forever.


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