Friday Food Round-Up!

What to say: It was Christmas week.  I was sick.  The show always goes on.

Monday – Zorbaz Taco Pizza with Guacamole


On Monday, Mads and Martha were both in-town and so they came over for dinner.  Being able to see them was basically like having Christmas, except a day early.

I asked them what they would like for dinner, and Mads suggested that it might be nice to have Taco Pizza.  For the record, they really could have requested anything and I would have happily made it.

So we ate Taco Pizza and drank wine and ate (lots of) Allison’s marshmallows and It Was Good.

Thursday – Baked Potatoes with Chili


Marcus has two weeks off from work.  And here I was thinking it was cool that we had two weeks of casual days.  Anyway, once we had established the schedule, I teased him that it might be nice if he were to cook dinner for a few nights.

But I was actually sort of serious, because it is probably good for Marcus to be confident at cooking a few meals that we both like.

Good news: baked potatoes are my favorite.

It was a hit.  I am already laying plans for next week.


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