Watchco: Skagen Watch Review

Watch 1

For those members of the group who regularly read The Blog, y’all know that the money I make off of Tenaciously Yours, is functionally speaking, enough to cover the costs of keeping me on the internet and that is that.

So, I was pretty excited when Watchco contacted me and offered me the opportunity to review one of their watches.  They’re based out of Wisconsin, it’s almost Christmas and with only two more days until the darkest day of the year, everyone needs something to cheer themselves up.

Yes, please.

Things that are true about me:

  • The only watch I own is my running watch (okay, and that Snow White watch I got when I was a tiny pup that Mom never ever let me wear and is STILL in the box).
  • I never ever buy myself jewelry.

Of the dozens of brands they carry, I chose one of their Skagen watches because (1) it was white ceramic and I have been secretly coveting one for basically ever (2) there were jewels instead of numbers on the watch face.  We all know that telling time is just better this way.

Watch 2

Also, I think it goes rather well with the silver bracelet that I always wear.  Probably because silver and jewels are both shiny.  This is not rocket science, people.

It is a wee bit big, so I am going to take it in to get sized.  PSA people: because of the way that ceramic watches are assembled, you will want to take ceramic watches to a proper watch store for sizing.

This is just as well because we all know that when I adopt a piece of jewelry, I basically wear it until it falls off.  I fully expect that this watch will become a permanent part of the group.  And that much like my pearl earrings and that silver bracelet of mine, it is sure to cross its fair share of marathon finish lines, by sheer virtue of the fact that I never ever take this stuff off.

Some runners are into wearing Garmins, but we all know that’s just not my style.

I’ll take beautiful things.  Any day.

If you are looking for any last-minute Christmas gifts for the girls or guys in your life, Watchco‘s U.S. deadline for orders is December 22 and there is free shipping on orders of over $50.  The best part?  All of this can be addressed from the comfort of your couch.

That legal stuff: This watch was provided to me by Watchco.  I was compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own.


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