Reverb 13 | Prompt 5 | Challenge

#reverb13 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December that is meant to give us all the chance to reflect on 2013 and the opportunity to write down our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Through December 31st Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting each day with a new prompt. Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Challenge: Did you take on a new challenge?  What was it?  Is there a challenge you deliberately avoided?  What do you want to do to challenge yourself in 2014?

Last year, at the end of Reverb, I gave myself a Charge: Worry Less.

It did not seem like such a big deal at the time.  If we’re being totally honest, that was the point in our Reverb-ing at which I had become totally burned-out on introspection.  I wanted to dig, but I didn’t want to dig too deep.  Worrying Less seemed like a worthy aspiration for 2013, because isn’t that something we should all strive for?

I think I had imagined that maybe it could be a path to a simpler life.  Like that book, The 4-Hour Workweek.  Or those people who pack up all of their possessions and move off of the grid.

I could mentally Purge!  Declutter!  Focus on the Big Picture!

It’s entirely plausible that I had imagined I would draw upon it like some sort of mantra, on the days where things seemed to be moving faster than fast.  That sounds so noble, doesn’t it?  Having a mantra.

So how did all of that work in practice?

I think I will remember 2013 as the year where my feet did not touch the ground.

I don’t know that I succeeded in Worrying Less so much as I succeeded in eliminating the time that I would ordinarily use to worry.  Did I have worries?  Absolutely.

But there was a certain point in the year where worries became senseless.  Not because they were invalid, but because we had passed the point of relevance.  In the big scheme of things, they were distractions.  They did not count.

If this means that I succeeded in Worrying Less, I will own that.


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