Reverb 13 | Prompt 2 | Shine

#reverb13 is a prompt-a-day series for the month of December that is meant to give us all the chance to reflect on 2013 and the opportunity to write down our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Through December 31st Meredith, Sarah and I will be posting each day with a new prompt. Join us by writing, or join us by reading. No matter what you choose, come with us.

Shine: What was the best moment of 2013?

America! 254

It is something like 8:30 AM on Sunday morning.  It is off leash hours in Central Park.  The sky is gray and spitting.

Meredith in an epic act of selflessness has offered up her lone umbrella to me and so I wrangle it, along with the coffee cup I have sourced from Starbucks as we watch Roo gallivant.  He dashes here and there, paying no mind to anyone or anything.

We follow him, as he moves in fits and starts, along a winding path down to a pond.  I’m sure this pond is Well Known and has Some Name, but I would not even know where to begin with the guessing.

In a valiant effort to avoid ruining a pair of shoes (Marcus and I still have another week of travel ahead of us), I’ve chosen to wear flip flops.  This has backfired in its own way.  Rather than saving anything, my feet are now covered in grit.  With each step I am kicking up a little bit more of whatever it is that these trails are covered in (twigs? dirt? leaves? sand?).

I am 1,200 miles from home.  Mud spattered.  With hair that cannot decide whether it should be plastered flat to my head or actioning the kind of volume that can only be accomplished with prolific amounts of humidity.  Actively seeking out puddles to wade through because it doesn’t really matter anymore.

All of this is spontaneous and it is so freeing.  In a few hours I will meet other friends, board a train and resume my relationships with schedules and itineraries and plans.  There will be concerns.  There will be things that should be handled delicately.  In this moment, there is no space for any of that.


3 responses to “Reverb 13 | Prompt 2 | Shine

  1. You’ve had such a wonderful year of travel.

  2. I found you through reverb and I’m glad I did. Now I just want to know what happens next, which is a good thing.

  3. Ooohhh I love this.

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