Friday Food Round-Up!

I know, I know.  At this point in the holiday weekend, no one wants to see another food photo because just thinking about food is painful.  Unless Thanksgiving is your favorite eating holiday of the year (it is definitely mine) and in a perfect world, you would eat Thanksgiving dinner all the time.

I’m glad we’re on the same page about things now.

Sunday – Thai Beef with Basil and Roasted Broccoli over Brown Rice

Sunday I wanted something delicious and easy to action for dinner after Brady’s Birthday Weekend and I also wanted something that would sort of feel restorative after a weekend of…carb-ing.

Hello, dinner.

Once again, we substituted mint for the basil.  Yes, there are definitely dishes where you would be able to “tell” but I do not feel that this is one of them.

We went big this time and roasted the broccoli in sesame oil because I wanted to kill off the last of the container.  That was a festive little swap.

Tuesday – Potato Frittata with Feta and Scallions from The Smitten Kitchen


Probably someday I will become advanced at cooking and at that point, this whole concept could become a “base” recipe for other things that one may want to throw in a frittata.

But the reason I like this meal so much right now is because I know exactly what I need to have hanging around and have a pretty good idea of exactly how long it will take to cook.


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Mmmm adding beef and broccoli to the list for this week THANKS 😀

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