Lake Superior 003

Last week: Theta Cabin Weekend.

This week: Brady’s 30th Birthday Weekend.

So Angie, Angie, Brady, Brandy, Hannah, Naomi et moi packed off for The Great North.  AKA Bluefin Bay.

As it turns out, mostly I took pictures of Lake Superior and not so much anything else.

Lake Superior 010Lake Superior 011Lake Superior 019Lake Superior 023Lake Superior 030Lake Superior 035

Did I mention that the resort had a restaurant hustling Wild Rice Pancakes?

Lake Superior 031

Because I ordered one on the side (hello, Mickey Mouse) that was just to die for.  Brady also had some sort of interesting walnut and quinoa combination that was fascinating.  Apparently I need to do more thinking outside of the box.

When we weren’t photo safariing the lake, we were running (OMG it was So Cold), hot tubbing, playing Cards Against Humanity and watching every single chick flick on earth.  Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton made multiple appearances.

On our way down, I made Brady pull over so I could source some smoked jumbo shrimp from Lou’s Fish House in Two Harbors.

Lake Superior 037

They really are the best for feasting.  I have such wonderful memories of family vacations where we would stop by the fish house, pick up a pile of smoked fish and shrimp and take them down to the Two Harbors terminal where we would watch the freight ships load and unload their cargo.

I brought four of them back to the cities for sharing because at $4  a pop, they make oysters look reasonable.

Since we got a little bit lost as we attempted to follow the 35 detour around downtown Duluth, we ended up in Canal Park.

Lake Superior 049Lake Superior 050Lake Superior 055Lake Superior 059

Clearly we had no problem coping with adversity.

As luck would have it, the Algoma Enterprise was entering the Port of Duluth to take on Iron Ore pellets.

Angie and I are similarly enthusiastic about freight ships, so we stood at the end of the pier to watch it.

Lake Superior 062Lake Superior 067Lake Superior 074Lake Superior 077Lake Superior 082Lake Superior 094

If you have never been to Duluth and you have never seen This, my God.  Please go.

When Billy and I were little, we would spend a week of family vacation up in Duluth and center most of it around when the ships were coming and going.  Whether it was 2:00 AM or 2:00 PM we would be on the canal as the Lift Bridge was being raised.

What a gorgeous weekend.


4 responses to “#chicksinthesticks

  1. Did you see any Canadians? I hear they’re nicer than Minnesotans.

    Great story. Glad the ice roads were open.

  2. Love Bluefin Bay! We were up there about this time of year several years ago and they let our dogs join us. It was wonderful. Everyone thought that it would be a proposal weekend, but alas, it took my hubby another two or three years. 😉

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  4. I recently discovered Cards Against Humanity. It’s hilarious, as long as you’re with the right group. I think it could go south in a hurry if you were with an uptight crew.

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