Friday Food Round-Up!

Looking at what we actually ate for dinner this week, only one dish was on the original menu.  The other two…happened.

At least we had a vague idea of what our dinner plans could possibly look like.

Sunday – Simple, Perfect Chili from The Pioneer Woman Cooks with mystery-cornbread that was living in the freezer


Call this a meal on the fly, insomuch as it is possible to describe cooking a massive pot of chili as an impulsive thing.

Once again, I will take a moment to remind you that freezing things like cornbread, etc. can be a real meal saver.

Monday – Thai-ish Salmon from Dinner: A Love Story over rice


What this was originally supposed to be: a salmon salad to welcome me back from the weekend carb-train.

Clearly that did not happen.  Even though we forgot to add mushrooms to our curry this time (note: next time add mushrooms) it was just an excellent dinner.  Next time I think we may experiment with chicken instead of salmon, since we are officially out of the stuff and this has some really great pantry dinner potential.

Why Marcus is a saint: I completely neglected to photo this after yoga on Monday night, and so when he ate the leftovers on Wednesday, he took care of the legwork for me.

Tuesday – Eggs with Paprika from I Know How to Cook


I want to say that I got this cookbook for Hanukkah like…five years ago.  It is the French version of the Joy of Cooking.

Mostly, it has done an excellent job of sitting on the bookshelf, looking authoritative.

When I was going over our meal planning for the week and realized that we didn’t have any vegetarian meals, I remembered that this book has a massive eggs section.  Because you don’t always want to action a frittata.

Actioning a cream sauce from a roux?  Definitely a first.  Proud moments all around, people.


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Oh… I’m all about that Eggs with Paprika dish!

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