About two months ago (maybe three?), Katie e-mailed The Usual Suspect Sorority Sisters to figure out what our interest would be in heading up to a cabin for the weekend to just relax and catch up.

Things we know to be true:

  1. Girls weekends are cathartic.
  2. Everybody needs to do a bit of vacation.
  3. Sorority sisters are the best.

After working over about two months worth of dates, we managed to settle on this weekend and so we set out for this little cabin tucked in the fields of North Branch, MN.

Cabin Country

We all arrived under the cover of night, of course.

What I have to say about driving down mysterious dirt roads in the dark: pretty much I was 100% terrified that I could get killed by a chainsaw killer at any moment.

But that was pretty much where the spooky ended.  The cabin itself was a very sensible log structure with what could only be described as an excess of Scandinavian artifacts.

In typical cabin fashion, there were beds everywhere so we wasted no time in actioning nests.  And once that was complete, cue: marauding.

Oddly, none of us had thought to pack coffee (seriously…what), so we were rewarded with an early AM run into town for McDonalds.

McCafeWhich was best consumed on the three season porch, even though it was only…forty degrees.

I wore flip flops.  We are Minnesotans.

Katie brought Leo, the puppy.

Leo 1Leo 2

He is seriously the best.  No barks.  Only licks and tail wags.  I am now of the opinion that puppies should be present at all cabin weekends.

Trisha lined this shot up and for that she is a genius.

Camo Koozie

I mean really.  How did this not happen three months ago?

And then there was a moment where we did a sari fashion show (which is exactly what it sounds like) because some of us are going to order them for Our Trisha’s Wedding next August.  They are beautiful.  Her ceremony is going to be Wonderful.

Sidebar: I feel like we should probably wear them for everything.

At some point, Priscilla found these Kiddie Cups and of course we were So Moved to use those instead.

TeacupAnd then I had to selfie.  Of course.   What else is new.  Cue: dance party.

Pros: I now have a winter cabin uniform to add to my summer cabin uniform.  This is the definition of visual interest, people.

What we will so gracefully sweep under the rug is the fact that I wore the same outfit to the cabin that I wore back home.  Nevermind the fact that I packed probably seven outfits for a 48 hour stay.  The heart wants what the heart wants.


4 responses to “#cabinfever

  1. Kat, Kat, Kat, you are so funny. I love all of your “self” posts. I am so thrilled you got to be with the girls. Sometimes there is nothing better. I just love your personality but what’s more your friendship is what I have really come to appreciate. Thanks for being a friend to me. I love your words. You really are a talent and you know just what to say. Love to you,

    Shauna xo

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  3. I get where you’re coming from with the chainsaw killer. I slept over at a summer camp with my son’s school, and all I could think about when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night was Jason from Friday the 13th.
    Driving down the roads in the dark, I would have worried less about the chainsaw killer and more about a deer jumping out in front of me, but maybe that’s just where I live and not as much a problem in Minnesota.

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