DIY Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves, much like bib necklaces, are one trend that I have managed to avoid for the past two years.  While the bib necklace thing was intentional (I’m allergic to nickel), the scarf-thing certainly has not been.  This is The Tundra after all.

So, please let me preface this by saying that I cannot take any credit for this idea.  I totally stole it from Angie, who sported this life hack at Ann’s baby shower a few weeks back.  When I saw what she has done, I thought, For my closet, this is Life Changing.

Step One: Take your normal scarf.  That it has fringe is key.


Step Two: Grab a couple of pieces of fringe from each end of the scarf and knot them together.  Your scarf is now a closed circle instead of one long piece of fabric.

Scarf 2

Step Three: Wrap your scarf around yourself in The Appropriate Manner (translation: twist it in a figure eight around your head).  Snap a selfie in the poorly-lit, goldenrod colored bathroom that is attached to The Man Cave, which you have been hiding from The Internet for the past four years.

Scarf 3

Et voila.  Now all of your pashminas can aspire to be infinity scarves.  Congratulations on being able to double the size of your accessories wardrobe without spending a cent!


2 responses to “DIY Infinity Scarf

  1. I bought the Theta Lilly scarf and sewed the ends together — looks much more substantial now.

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