A Glorious Morning for Running

Last week, this is what I had to say about the state of my running life. Tweet

Which is to say that it was pretty bad.  I was logging 10 miles a week – not exactly a shining number.

What I could say was enjoyable about the last month is that I got to run for fun.  I realized that I could run without a race on the books.  I finally realized that since I made the decision to switch to the Twin Cities 10 Mile over the summer, I have stopped running away.  From the fat girl who couldn’t run.  Against the feet and body that sometimes fail me.

So, anyway.  Yesterday was marathon morning for the New York City Marathon.  Ang and I were both pretty heartset on watching the pros race and we haven’t gotten to log miles together since before she ran in Chicago.

Logical solution = a five-mile run down the River Road.  In our matching running tops.


AKA The farthest that either of us have run since our fall races.

Related: This is exactly the type of foliage I was expecting to see a month ago.  I’m so glad we got to romp in it today.

We hopped on the ESPN2 as soon as we walked back in the door and actioned breakfast afterward.  I brought bagels, as I am informed that this is New York Marathon watching tradition.


We could also chalk the bagels up to the fact that Carbs Are Great.   Sidenote: Fiestaware makes everything look prettier.

The ESPN2 coverage was a little bit…interesting.  We spent a lot of time with John McEnroe (WHY) and far too much energy on human interest pieces that took us away from following the lead pack.

I understand that this is precisely the type of material that will likely allow us to televise Major Marathons in the future, because the marathon is about the masses.

And of course, as we moved into afternoon, Our Finishers would make it home.  This is the real definition of pins and needles.


There is nothing more wonderful than knowing the ones you love have persevered.  Have overcome the course.  Have walked through the fire and survived to tell the tale.  In this, we have determination breathed into life.


2 responses to “A Glorious Morning for Running

  1. Glady you are running for joy. I stopped logging miles a while ago.

    Regarding the NY Marathon, there was a feed from Channel 7 in New York that was better than what ESPN put up.

    Warmest Regards.

  2. The fiestaware does make the food look pretty! Glad you had a nice 5 miles and are feeling the joy of running right now versus the sometimes harshness of training.
    I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award – you can read the details here: http://nolongernakedrunning.com/2013/11/05/winners-the-lot-of-you-who-takes-the-really-big-cake-home-though/

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