Friday Food Round-Up

We only made two meals this week, but between the two of them, we had a full week of leftovers.  Convenient, really, considering that Marcus was out of town for part of the week and that slays my desire to do any meaningful cooking.

Don’t judge.  Sometimes you just want to eat a plate of oven fries for dinner and call it a day.  Or avocados.  Because as Meredith and I agreed, they are nature’s most perfect convenience food.

Sunday – Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Potpie


There was really no “good” reason to crock pot on Sunday.

But for some reason it just felt like it would soothe my soul.  Maybe it had to do with the Viking-Packer football game.  Or maybe it had to do with the fact that I was more interested in frolicking with Spot in the backyard at The House On The Hill than I was committed to cooking dinner.

Puff pastry was $5 a box at the grocery.  Croissant dough from a can was $2.  There was a clear winner in this game.  Because no one ever eats a pot pie and thinks, This dough!

This is just the truth.

Tuesday – Beef with Snow Peas


Facts about this meal: The snow peas were the leftover half bag that I froze about two months ago.  I ended up tossing in the broccoli as well because I was too lazy to roast it.  The onions got added because at that point…why not?  I made More Sauce.  That last bit should go without saying.

Also, can we all agree that flank steak is not the cheap meat that it once was?  Because you read all these recipes, they suggest flank steak as good choice for “savings” and frankly for the price, we may as well be dealing in gold bullion.  Anyway, a pound and a half of thin cut sirloin from ALDI really did the trick.

This is stir fry after all and not a proper roast.


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