I Am A Bunny

Y’all.  I always have the best intentions for Halloween.

Last year I was So Committed to ensuring an excellent Halloween this year that at the beginning of 2013 I even went so far as to write future costume ideas down on the page two weeks before the holiday so that I could be Prepared.

Can you guess what happened two weeks before Halloween?  I looked at the list that Past Kat had left for Future Kat and said Owl?  Pinata?

Not on my watch.

Which left us at square one.

Eventually I’ll get Post Two written for This Is Not Your Practice Life.  But to summarize the interim: I have been living life lately by answering only one question.

Will this make me happy?

The answer to that question happened to be that I wanted a pair of bunny ears and a bunny tail.  Only.

You see, when I was a little pup, I was A Major Fan Of Bunnies.  I was a bunny for Halloween during the blizzard of 1991.  I went through a whole phase where I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a fairy princess or a bunny for Halloween and so I was a bunny with wings and a wand.

My favorite book as a pup: I Am A Bunny.

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me be me.

Anyway, this year for our office Halloween-fest, I decided to go as a Rabbit.


Because it is apparently impossible for me to just be a Bunny.

Also, can we talk about how happy having a little bunny tail makes me?  I know we can all agree that marabou and metallic tinsel make most everything brighter.

Anyway, Halloween 2013 is nearly over.  Tomorrow will begin the Thanksgiving onslaught.  For tonight, all is well.


4 responses to “I Am A Bunny

  1. I have been wondering all day, why does the bunny have a bib?

  2. I love your vocabulary and the way you use it. I loved your comment on my post. My daughter loved the quote you offered. You look darling as a bunny. I can’t believe it’s November. It was just the beginning of summer? Crazy how time goes. Love ya,

    Shauna xo

    I just re-read this comment and I sound like a robot. Sorry, it’s late over here. 🙂 Talk soon, less like a robot. xo

  3. I love that you are racing rabbit. That suits you perfectly!

  4. Too cute, and you can actually comfortably run in it!

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