Friday Food Round-Up!

This week’s meal planning was un-planning.  As in: I had a good idea of what we could make, but no idea of what we would actually be making.  So that’s pretty great.

Sunday – West Texas Stacked Enchiladas from The Homesick Texan with Guacamole


This is a very good example of Future Kat thanking Past Kat for planning ahead.  Marcus thawed the enchilada sauce while I was away, and so I was able to start the sacred layering process of tortillas-onions-cheese as soon as I walked in the door.

A festive perk this week: We had a vidalia onion that Mom hauled back from…Alabama?  So that got tossed into the enchiladas and the guacamole.  How Nice.  I Know.

Tuesday – Roasted Chicken with 4-3-2-1 Spice Rub, Spicy Oven Fries from Dinner: A Love Story and Garlic Green Beans from Great, Easy Meals


What to say.  Roasted chicken is good.  Oven fries are good.  Having a vegetable on the plate is…good.

Thank God for pocket meals.  And the fact that I batch-made the spice rub for the chicken so that we can just pull it out of the pantry on a whim.

Wednesday – Thai Beef with Basil and Roasted Broccoli over Brown Rice


We didn’t know that we would be having Wednesday night dinner until…Tuesday night.  As luck would have it, I was flipping through the most recent copy of bon appetit and tearing out pages right and left that afternoon.  This recipe just happened to catch my eye.

Things that were different: We used ground turkey.  I doubled the amount of sauce (seriously, always double the amount of sauce).  I substituted mint for basil.  I mixed the carrot-scallion-jalapeno slaw into the meat at the very end once the heat was off.


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. I made a Thai beef with basil dish that didn’t have a lot of flavor. I love your tip about doubling the sauce! I may try the recipe you’ve liked to instead, next time, too.

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