Friday Food Round-Up!

Y’all, I feel like such a broken record lately because every week we are marching to the same beat of the OMG So Exhausted drum.  Forgive me. In the meantime, Praise God for parents who will let us come over for Sunday night dinner (hence, the “miscellaneous meal”) and the fact that I am not New At Cooking.

Otherwise we would seriously be living off of freezer dinners these days.

Miscellaneous – Sesame-Spiced Turkey Meatballs with Smashed Chickpea Salad from The Smitten Kitchen MiscMisc2 The meat was already thawed and we all know that leftovers for lunch are pretty much my favorite so whipping this up was a no-brainer.

I always forget the following: (1) How easy these meatballs are to make (2) How insanely delicious these are.

Since I did not realize that we were out of chickpeas until it was time to make the chickpea salad, I ended up using white beans instead.  Was there a texture difference?  Sure.  But in terms of the spirit of the meal, we did Just Fine.

Related: It’s helpful to have a hefty stash of legumes in the pantry.

Tuesday – Indian Shrimp Curry with Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan


Fact: Jillian did most of the cooking here.  I just peeled a few shrimp (seriously – she peeled most of those too), tossed them in flour, salt and pepper and fried them up to add a bit of extra flavor.

Oh, and I brought some tumeric and a bottle of wine.  Cooking: It’s a team sport.

If you don’t have a friend who will let you eat like a half-pound of shrimp whenever you visit their house, you really need to get one of those.  I can’t really help you, but I am more than happy to be an accomplice.


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