Given that it’s a city of 300,000 on the north coast of Spain, I am sure that you could find plenty to do over the course of a few days.  It was sort of like being in Spanish Minneapolis.

But the real reason we arrived at 3:00 PM one day and left at 10:00 AM the next?

The Guggenheim.

Snaps 600


I have a thing for Frank Gehry-designed buildings.  I grew up driving past the Weisman Museum and so to be able to see another one of his architectural masterpieces sitting by the river was SUCH a treat.

Snaps 573

After exploring the outside of the building (which was a good 70% of the reason for our visit) we wandered the museum proper for three-ish hours.  It was all gorgeous.

And I got to see my first Koons sculptures in the flesh.  This was just a beyond-joyful development.

Snaps 577Snaps 581

And now, the only Guggenheim left on my list is Venice.  Who could have known that would become A Thing?

For dinner, we visited El Globo.  Because Trip Advisor said so.

Snaps 596

And for something like $20 we had a few glasses of wine and pintxos that I will never, ever be able to identify.

Snaps 588Snaps 590Snaps 591Snaps 594

Which is probably because we were never entirely sure of what they were in the first place.

It was a bittersweet meal because it was precisely the sort of affair that I knew we would never, ever be able to replicate.

But it was also one of those perfect We’re On An Adventure-dinners where you have no idea what you’re doing, you just keep ordering directly from the bar by pointing at things on trays and you can’t stop until all available options have been exhausted.

19 hours later, we were gone.


4 responses to “BILBAO

  1. Oh how I want to go to Spain. It’s definitely on the top 1/3 of the short-term bucket list. Now if only I can convince Husband to get on an airplane…

  2. Wow, you have been blessed with these trips. I love the pictures and I’ve missed so much here. The food above looks delicious but so does your Friday Food Round up from last week.!! I’m trying those fries you say taste like Arby’s. And I want to try that chicken.

    You look so pretty in all of your photos. Loved the mile by mile recap. Good for you an accomplishment for sure. Love to read about your life always. Love,

    Shauna xoxo

  3. Oooo…. I love the Guggenheims, too! Art wrapped in art = perfection.

  4. Beautiful trip! The building, the art, the food. All of it is art!

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