Pumpkin Week: Marbled Pumpkin Gingersnap Tart

Pumpkin Week Badge

Happy Pumpkin Week!

It’s finally October, which means that it’s properly fall.  And what’s more, six cans of pumpkin have been skulking about in my pantry since last fall when I went on a buying jag that was more than just a little bit enthusiastic.

What all of this really means: The timing could not be better.

Since we all know that I’m absolute trash when it comes to recipe development, I had to hit the books for this one, since Pumpkin Pie has already had its day in the sun.

I was flipping through my copy of The Smitten Kitchen (which has had a permanent place on the kitchen counter since its purchase) and I found this recipe for a pumpkin tart.  It’s a great book and Marcus and I have really enjoyed the other dishes we’ve created.  The extensive trove of recipes that Deb has cultivated online doesn’t hurt either.

I really liked the idea of combining pumpkin and cream cheese in a way that did not resemble pumpkin pie (which I love) or cheesecake (also love).

And somehow, it seemed less divisive to split the difference because whereas pumpkin pie and cheesecake have dedicated followers all their own, when the two come together, all bets are off.

Since I am painfully practical and could not envision a situation where I would need half a box of Gingersnaps, I ended up actioning an all-graham cracker crust.  Plus, when I took a moment to think about what the Gingersnaps would actually accomplish, I felt like the overall effect would be…distracting.


In terms of how it all came together, the dish was not terrifically challenging or time-consuming to make.  I pulsed the graham crackers into crumbs using my immersion blender.  Rolling Pin + Ziploc Bag = crumbs all over my counter every time.   Also, plan on using every bowl in your kitchen.  For reference, please see Exhibit A.


But, this is why dishwashers were invented, no?

Real talk: my tart did not at all resemble the tart presented in the book.  I think you would have to literally melt your cream cheese (v. softening) in order to achieve that “marbled” appearance.


Melting versus softening?  Not intuitive.

Was it delicious?  YES.  It was a happy combination of pumpkin pie and cheesecake.  But truly I was so mortified (SO MORTIFIED) by the tart’s appearance that I abandoned the leftovers in the lunch room at work sans-signage because I simply could not bear the shame of having to answer for it.


As I was gently informed shortly after The Abandonment, You do not eat a picture.   These were sage and necessary and true words.

If I haven’t completely put you off this concept yet, then the recipe is right here.

But if marbling and pulsing graham crackers in your food processor just aren’t calling your name, do not fret.  For I am not the only Pumpkin Week reveler.  The rest of these lovely ladies have got you (and your furry friends!) covered.


7 responses to “Pumpkin Week: Marbled Pumpkin Gingersnap Tart

  1. We have a friend who will not eat if his food is touching. Yet another friend’s philosophy: “It touches when it’s in your stomach.”
    This can be applied to the aesthetics of the food, too. Sometimes it’s not the prettiest, but it’s still a symphony on the tongue.
    Plus, it’s Art All in the Eye of the Audience? Or something.
    Love this idea, and good game-time decision on the graham crackers – that’s a lot of flavor that might have been competing!

  2. I’m making this for our annual Thanxmas family gathering. It’s just too perfect to pass up – pumpkin AND cheesecake. I’m with Allison. Did it taste amazing, because that’s all I care about. Yum!

  3. I don’t care how it looks, everything about that tart screams delicious! I’m impressed that you even attempted a marble tart. Way to go!

  4. Kat…I’m the first one to realize the hard way that sometimes things just don’t photograph as good as they taste! And usually, I just change the name to accommodate the look of what I’ve made. (wilted is a key adjective in my titles!) That being said….your speckled pumpkin gingerbread tart looks divine!!! Had I been in your lunchroom, I would have left in shame for having scarfed it all down all by myself! : )

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  6. Dude, you are my hero! I have yet to conquer the marble tart. I’ll take 6 slices, please? #highfive

  7. So many truths here… For starters – you do NOT eat pictures. This looks fantastic, and sounds as divine as many of Deb’s other treats. But, like you found, some of her perfect little tricks are not intuitive. At least the taste was wild.
    Also – I have the same bowls!! In fact, there were too many recipes where I used All The Bowls, that I had to go out and buy a second set. I have run a dishwasher completely full of baking bowls before. No Shame!!

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