I split Munich into Two Parts so that I could talk about Kloster Andechs separately, because it really was an ordeal all its own.

So Kloster Andechs is A Thing.

And I would later find out that the mountain and the church that sit there are actually pilgrimage sites.  Who knew.  Who knew.

I would have never thought to put it on our list, but during the summer that Dad spent working in Munich, he visited and always spoke so lovingly of the adventure.

And that happened to gel perfectly with our weekend of unfettered beer drinking in Bavaria.

I’m sure you’re now wondering what sort of “adventure” a German kloster could possibly entail.  It’s a very valid question.  All will be revealed.

So we took the S8 train to Herrsching where we hopped off and started walking.

Snaps 440

Paul outlined our options as: You can take the regular trail and you will not see the kloster until you are literally in it OR you can take the other route and once you make it through the woods you will see the kloster in the distance as you make your approach.

Between that, a few Google Maps that Marcus loaded before we left their flat and a bottle of water, we had our provisions.

Snaps 439

I hope that at least some of you are laughing at this point because we are all so fully aware of what a hiker I am NOT.  And how incredibly non-specific those directions are.

But it was seriously like that.

Snaps 441

As we walked through the town of Herrsching, we came to a point where we could choose to go right or left.  Everyone was going right and so Marcus and I opted to go left.  It was on the map, so we felt as confident as we could in our decision, hiking through the Bayernischer hills on unmarked trails.


Snaps 442

Snaps 444

Snaps 443

After about twenty minutes of hiking Up, on paths that were intermittently completely absent or scarred with mountain bike tire tracks, fending off vicious biting flies, we emerged into the blessed sunlight.

Snaps 446

And sitting over the field of wildflowers was Kloster Andechs.

Snaps 447

Snaps 448


While our emergence from the woods gave us a navigational point we were now walking on the side of an active country road without a shoulder.  So you know, still totally normal for us.

Snaps 451

The Englischer Garten was wonderful.  The Augustiner-Keller was delightful.

Snaps 449

Kloster Andechs was a revelation.

Snaps 450

We arrived to a packed terrace and a polka band.

Because home always finds you where you are, I ran into a Tommie and his father hailing from White Bear Lake.  There are no possible odds for this situation.

We feasted.

Snaps 454

Snaps 458

Snaps 461

And we explored.

Snaps 462

Snaps 463


Snaps 467

Four hours later, we realized we had an hour-long hike back to the train that would bring us back to The City.  We took the path More Traveled.

Snaps 471

Snaps 472

Snaps 474Snaps 475Snaps 476

And the entire hike back, we discussed how Exactly This and Only This could ever possibly be worth this sort of adventure.


One response to “MUNICH: PART II

  1. What an incredible Volksmarch – You looked like lost gremlins wandering the woods. This was what your dad did?

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