Not Marathon Training: Week Six

This weekend, I got to action a running farewell-tour of Crosslake for the season.  Between the flat trails and the 40 degree temperatures it was just glorious.

Cty Rd 66


Rec Area

On Sunday morning, I came across this patient family of deer.


That was a new one.  I think that we were equally as curious about one another.  I chatted, they stared.

Mileage-wise, this week was immensely successful.  I logged 28 miles and Saturday’s long run was 10 miles.  My feet are feeling good, and there is only one more Sunday wake-up until race day.

We’re almost there.


One response to “Not Marathon Training: Week Six

  1. Oooh I love dear. Hunting season just started here and I feel so bad for the little guys. I keep telling them to run every time I see them. I asked Husband if we could open a deer refuge in our yard. He looked at me like i was crazy. Boo.

    Happy running!

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