Wrapping Up

September 20-22 001

This weekend we headed up to the cabin to take the dock out.  For the uninitiated, this could best be described as a rite dedicated to whinging and drinking, in no specific order.

For those of you who know, you know how it goes.

As per the usual, we hopped in the CRV as soon as I got home from work and let intuition be our guide.

The moment Marcus and I pulled up, Billy wanted to head out fishing.  Since he’ll be leaving for Lubbock in a week’s time, I jumped.

September 20-22 009

And I got to use my new fishing pole for the first time.

September 20-22 002

Billy played Captain once we coaxed the motor into starting for us.

September 20-22 005

It was pretty much the best even though it meant that I had to put on all of my clothes because of the chill/wind.

September 20-22 004

I keep on telling Billy that I am his lucky charm when it comes to fishing.  I’m never entirely sure if anything is on the line and I am just terrible at getting critters in the boat, but when we’re out on the water together?   Come into the boat, they do.

September 20-22 003

According to him, this is the latest that we’ve ever been out on the lake and as I am obviously not the family almanac, I’m more than happy to take his word for it.

September 20-22 006

Since the Gophers were playing an 11:00 AM game on Saturday morning, we rolled in to Zorbaz at opening to take our seats at the bar and watch the team rush to victory.

September 20-22 008

$4 Bloody Marys helped the cause.

September 20-22 007

And then, it was time for the real show: Taking the dock out.

We had to action a bit of a photo shoot because the apparel selections were So Great (as they always are).

September 20-22 010

Yes, that was a Mutant Ninja Turtles towel from 1990 that you’re seeing.

September 20-22 012

I just couldn’t help myself with the gloves.  I want to say that we had eight pairs of gloves and that only four people were wearing pairs that matched properly.

September 20-22 017

It’s all about the function with this bunch.

September 20-22 015

Since we were taking out Jim’s dock as well he brought some waders with.  I’m thinking that addition to our efforts made the entire extravaganza vastly less painful.

And in 20 minutes time, with a minimum of swears, it was all over.

September 20-22 021

Until next year, Crosslake.


One response to “Wrapping Up

  1. What kind of fish ate you catching? We don’t have that variety ’round these here parts…

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