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Every time we told people we were travelling to Europe and that we were going to visit Prague, they would just gush about how much they loved it.  And that was really encouraging to Marcus and I.  Really, it was.  But I was still suspicious because people also gush about places that I would never ever dare send a living soul to (namely: Orlando).

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The whole city is just a postcard.  So mostly this post is pictures.

Real talk: we did not know that the Czech people were not using the Euro until the morning that we hopped on the train in Berlin.  I kid you not, when we got off the train in Prague, I looked at Marcus and told him to go source us Prague Points.  And henceforth proceeded to call everything foreign in that town “A Prague.”

We were strangers in a strange land.

The Things.

We saw Prague exclusively through SANDEMANs New Europe ToursCarrisa had recommended that we join-up with a free-tour in the Old Town Square (seriously, there are tons of them gathering between 10:00 – 11:00) and this one had some great reviews on Trip Advisor.  After about three hours we had crawled over most of the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter.

While our morning tour was free (you tipped your guide what you felt the tour was worth), we had the option to purchase tickets to do the afternoon walking tour.

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The afternoon tour covered the other half of the city (it is split in half by a river): Prague Castle and St. Vitus’ Cathedral.


Marcus and I were pleased enough with our morning guide that we were happy to sign on for another four hours of wandering.  This was also the most effective way for us to see everything we could have possibly wanted to see in the city because we only had one full day there and while we are good at playing this game, we are not that good.

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The Food.

Konvikt Pub

This was Yet Another Trip Advisor Find.  Seriously, I cannot get over how much we used that site on this trip to source food.

Eating Proper Czech Food while in Prague was a priority for us.  What we ended up sourcing: some duck arrangement and potted pork knee (very tender).

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Both meals were perfectly cooked, and the prices here were just insanely reasonable.  I want to say that we got two entrees and two beers each for less than $30.

Really, between food, souvenirs and tours I don’t know that we spent more than $100-$150 during our time in the city.


3 responses to “PRAGUE

  1. Eek!!! I’ve been to those SAME PLACES!!! I love recognizing everything and am SO pleased you had a blast.

  2. OMG. I need to go to Prague. Trip Advisor is a life saver and it sounds like the walking tour was well worth it.

  3. Amazing!!! We have a friend who left America and completely integrated himself into Prague. He married a woman from there and they have two sweet kids now. He loves it there and started a business there are as well. He says he will never come back to the states. He loves Prague. Amazing huh? It looks beautiful, as do you. Love,

    Shauna xo

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