Taking Ownership

Straight from the department of things that were bound to happen sooner or later, My Boss Found Out I Have A Blog Today.

Yes, seriously.

No, I did not have a clue that September 17 would be my lucky day.

Before we get into it, can we all just take a second to golf clap for the fact that Tenaciously Yours, remained incognito for as long as it did?  Because that is nothing short of a miracle in my book.

How it all went down:

The outing was very simple.  A co-worker who reads (yes, there are a few of them) casually mentioned that they had read something.  That exchange happened to be within earshot of my boss.  Conveniently my boss was in their office at the time.

We can all connect the dots.

Very shortly thereafter, in the course of my explaining myself,  I first came to the point where I was going to force them to Google me.  And then in a move that surprised even me, I handed the URL over.

For the record, I always though that if The Blog ever went Public, it would be a fight-or-die moment.  Who knew.

I am sure that in this moment, my Father-in-Law’s jaw is probably hitting the keyboard, and my Mother is shaking her head saying, Katherine.

So why am I telling this story today?

  1. It happened today.  It has to do with The Blog.  I know bloggers who are extremely open about their writing and/or choosing to make it their profession.  I know other bloggers who go to great lengths to conceal their identities.
  2. It’s sort of hilarious.
  3. It gives me a really good excuse to talk about blogging, boundaries, and why I write the way that I write.

I read This Article From The Huffington Post about Generation Y yesterday.  The buried lede was not about Generation Y’s entitlement, but rather about Facebook Image Crafting.

To make it more appropriate for this specific instance, we’ll re-vision it as Cultivating a Social Media Persona.

Because as I walked back to my desk, I don’t want to say that five years worth of writing flashed before my eyes (it did not), but that I did start to feel my way around the edges of what it truly means to have five full years of A Life Documented.

I think this is the part of the post where I am supposed to list all of the Really Big Things that have happened in the past five years, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  It’s a particularly lengthy list.  And if you’ve been reading, then you already know.

There has been a lot of chat lately in the blogosphere, on Twitter, and in the media about how members of Generation Y craft their images on social media to reflect only the best parts of themselves and their lives.

And that’s great for the people who are doing that.

Mostly it just sounds time-consuming to me.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t mention when Marcus and I get fussed at one another on The Blog, but I also don’t broadcast that sort of information to people in daily conversation.  Much in the same way that I don’t discuss our financial situation.  The minutiae of our work lives.  Or our political views (okay, those do come up here and there both in real life and on The Internets).

The same things that I refrain from sharing in real life are the same things that I refrain from sharing here.  Because some things are just meant to be Private.  Personal.  Ours.

So when I think about what has taken place here over the past five years, I don’t think of it as me putting my best foot forward.  I think of it as me sharing my life with you.

That life?  Happens to be pretty great.  I like to think that we try to do some really fun stuff and we eat some a lot of good food (a significant amount of it coming from our own kitchen).  Marcus and I don’t do those things for The Internet, we do those things because they are important to us in life.  Off screen.  Is there some atrocious writing sprinkled in here and there?  Absolutely.  Are there some posts that make me think, Wow.  That is a lot of information to be putting into The Universe. Certainly.

But it’s real.  It’s me.  It’s us.  I’m proud to own that.


5 responses to “Taking Ownership

  1. Thank goodness they didn’t find your OTHER blog.

  2. Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

    I think you do an excellent job of putting your TRUE SELF (as opposed to “best self”) forward on the blog. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine, but from knowing you IRL, I’d say your fabulous blog is just an extension of the fabulous person you are – good, bad or indifferent, you stay true to yourself and your blog is a great snapshot of that particular day/moment/trip/meal in time.

    That said….. Still: horrifying.

  3. You and Marcus argue?

  4. Interesting article. Completely understand. I think sometimes things I right might sound rosy because I don’t want to complain too much. Sure, there’s merit in writing something to which others can relate. However, there’s also purpose in focusing on what’s positive. Law of attraction and all…

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