Not Marathon Training: Week Five

Last week I had a vicious cold that left me absolutely exhausted and with the worst congestion.

But if I have learned anything about running in the past few years, it’s that very rarely does it leave you feeling worse than when you started.

Which is to say that I don’t buy into the whole I feel like death so I’m skipping my workout-thing.

Unless you’re peeing blood, bone is sticking out or you physically cannot breathe, there is never an excuse, because the only person you are cheating is you.

In case you can’t tell, I’m mildly ruthless with myself when it comes to making sure that workouts happen.  That’s part commitment to the cause and part insurance against gaining the weight back.

So I ran through the haze, sometimes farmer blowing (outside only!) and living through that hellish, sort of off-sweat that only comes when you know that You Have Something.

And that was my week, pretty much.  Super upbeat, I know.

But through all of that, it wasn’t a bad week for my training by any means. I got my speedwork in.  I did some hill training.  I had a gorgeous (and successful) pace run on Saturday morning.  If that’s a hard week, then I think that I’m doing okay.

It’s also safe to say that my long-term vacation from marathon training has officially sunk in.  I’m really looking forward to the Twin Cities 10 Mile on October 6th, but mentally I am on a completely different planet right now.  For some reason I thought that I could stave the race-or-die mentality off until after The Big Day, but reality would suggest otherwise.  It’s incredibly weird and incredibly wonderful to know that my only job right now is to run for fun.  Or do yoga for fun.  Or ride the bike.

For fun.

I completely understand that the whole point of living a healthy active lifestyle is so that I can do all of those things without rhyme or reason, but after continuously following plans for 5ks and half-marathons and marathons this is a new world for me.

What are your favorite workout DVDs?

Are there any fitness-specific topics you want to see on the blog?


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