As we were charting out our trip towards Pamplona, Berlin just sort of…happened.  Because we knew we wanted to spend more than just a few days in Germany and I knew that while it was really important to me that we visit Munich again, I wanted to see something new.

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If you are someone who is all about antiquities and museums and Cultural Things, then you will just adore Berlin. By the time we left we were exhausted and our heads were full.



Since I had already done my morning runs through Brandenburger Tor and into the Tiergarten, we did not schedule separate time for that (though I did bring Marcus down to the tor so that he could see it).  If you’re not going to do that (which I am guessing is probably most travelers), then you should definitely make the time.

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Also, we did buy a Berlin Pass and came out just about…even.  Depending on what you are planning on doing, it’s likely cheaper to just buy a museum pass and DB day passes, but for us it was fine from a functional standpoint.

The Things.

Places we visited that I did not take snaps of and do not feel the need to editorialize on: The Neue Synagogue, the Bahaus Archive, the Checkpoint Charlie Museum (migraine inducing), Alte Nationalgalerie.

Schloss Charlottenburg

Snaps 212

You have to pay to take cameras in, which I was not about to do.  We did not get the chance to wander the grounds because there were other places to be, but it was a beautiful palace to visit, and a wonderful way to understand more of the history of Germany’s ruling families.  They have an absolutely phenomenal collection of china and silver table wares that were just…I have never seen anything quite like it in my life.

Neues Museum

It is no secret that I absolutely adore antiquities and especially if they are Egyptian.  Always if they are Egyptian.  If you are a lover of Egyptian things, this is pretty wild because they have a few full Books of the Dead hanging from the walls.  Even if you don’t love Egyptian things, this is where Nefertiti’s bust is housed.


If you are into rooms upon rooms upon rooms of Rembrandts, the odd Van Gogh and a few Vermeers, then yes to all of it.

Pergamon Museum

Snaps 215

Since we were already visiting the Neues Museum, this one was not initially on my list.  But as Marcus and I road along the River Spree on an evening boat tour, we were informed that they had reconstructed the Ishtar Gate of Ancient Babylon inside the museum and I was all ROLL OUT.

This may have actually been the best surprise of the trip.

And weren’t we surprised when we found that they had also re-built other elaborate antiquities such as…the Temple of Pergamon.  I don’t know that we have anything like it in the states or…anywhere, really.

The Food.

Lunches were doner kebab and sausages and currywursts eaten on the fly.  Apparently Berlin is really the place to do these things, so if you’re on a multi-city tour of Germany, make hay while the sun shines, people.

But probably with more emphasis on the doner kebab than the currywurst.  And I mean with 100% more emphasis on the doner kebab.


Snaps 173

This restaurant came as a recommendation from the owner of the hotel we were staying at.  I feel like those sorts of things can be so hit-or-miss, but this was a great first meal for us in Berlin!

Prater Garten


Snaps 205

I knew that we would really get to see the biergartens in all of their glory in Munich, but I also wanted for Marcus to be able to have that experience ASAP.  This place is like the oldest one in Berlin or something on that order, so it seemed like the right place to trek to.  Nevermind the fact that we had to walk approximately three miles from the train station to get there.  Details people.  Details.


Snaps 220

Snaps 224

The friends we were meeting up with in Munich suggested that we visit the Friedrichshain neighborhood because it’s…the hip place to be.  Related: I got offered pot by some guys on the street.

Anyway, Yelp directed us here and it was just AMAZING.  The menu was not long, but we had just an incredible meal.  I may or may not have fought Marcus down for my fair share of the schnitzel.

re: That Dessert.  I was originally heartset on ordering some Apple Strudel, but then ordered this one for no other reason than the fact that I didn’t actually know what it was.  What it was: Fried chunks of a dutch pancake with poached plums.  It was truly phenomenal.


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  1. Fact: I lived off of Döner kebabs when I lived there. Those and the Dampfnudeln, which I crave all the time. We should go back together.

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