Not Marathon Training: Week Four

Another week, another mile.

When I wasn’t hitting it with Skip or on My Favorite Path, I was cross-training.  I have yet to set foot near the bike, but I’ve definitely had more time for Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown (both tracks – so paralyzing) and the Yoga Works Body Slim DVDs.  I’ve also gotten to reconnect with the 60 minute interval walking program I dug up a couple of years ago.

It’s Not Marathon Training, but the variety is nice.

Now all I need is a Zumba video I can do On Demand and we’ll all know that I have really crossed-over.

After I Instagrammed a snap of my watch on Saturday AM, Ang informed me that she would happily scrounge hers up for our Sunday morning run so that we could twin.  I don’t even know what year these are from, so the fact that she has one too is nothing short of miraculous.  Look.


In my opinion, the matching helped, because not only did we loop all three lakes, but I ended up logging nearly two miles more than my plan had me scheduled for.

I guess the big news of the week is that Participant Guides (and corral placements) are out for the 10 Mile.

Participant Guide

I’ll be kicking it in Corral 2, which is what I expected.  I’m still setting race goals (and I think a lot of that will come from how my speed work and long runs go in the next two weeks), but I am ready for The Big Day to be here.

In four Sundays, that will be true!

Are you participating in any of the Twin Cities Marathon weekend races?


One response to “Not Marathon Training: Week Four

  1. I can’t believe that you were in Temecula. Somehow I skipped over that, that one sentence. I think I just assumed you were in Sonoma or Napa-the “real” wine country! hahaha. Unbelievable, for Pete’s Sake! Oh well, we’ll meet up someday. For now we have our blogs. Love you to pieces,

    Shauna xoxox

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