Not Marathon Training: Week Three





Last week was a beautiful week for running.

I got to run with Brady at sunrise on my birthday.

I remember how last year, making that run happen was my first recovery goal while I was wrestling with tendinitis. I so badly wanted to be able to run three miles, pain-free, with a friend. To feel like I was in control. To feel Normal. This year, making that run happen was part of what will hopefully be a joyful tradition.

I got to run along the Pacific Ocean in the morning with Paula to begin our vacation, and in the evening at the end of our vacation because I could not bear the idea of leaving California without one more glimpse of the coast.

I raced through The Happiest Place On Earth (you had better believe I’m working on that recap) because of some serious selflessness on the part of Smplefy.

Mileage and distance-wise there was nothing exceptional about this week. I followed the plan, I did the work.

But in terms of the sheer beauty and joy that these miles added to my life, this week was just Perfection.

This week was purely about enjoying the ride.


One response to “Not Marathon Training: Week Three

  1. I can’t wait to hear the recap. I think running through the happiest place on Earth would be amazing.

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