Friday Food Round-Up!

Once Marcus informed me that he would be heading out of town on business through Thursday morning, I knew there was absolutely zero chance that I would be cooking any sort of meaningful meals for myself this week.

Instead I stocked up on supplies for breakfasts and salads and called it Good.

And now we’re in California, so there’s that.

Thus, this week, we’ll take a look at the misfit snaps I took of meals while we were on our European backpacking extravaganza.

In odd contrast to Paris (where I have absolutely zero idea of where we ate ANYTHING), I pretty much knew where we were going to source meals on this trip.  But some things slipped through the  cracks.

Like the world’s greatest Prague pastry.

Snaps 273

What it is: a sweet dough (think cinnamon roll or challah) that is wrapped around a cylinder and roasted over hot coals until it is baked crisp on the outside with a caramelized sugar crust and is still soft on the inside.  Jeanne actually tipped me off to these and the love I have for them is inexplicable.  I want to say that in the 48 hours we were there, I ate three of them.

If you know where these exist in America, WE NEED TO KNOW.

Then there was this meal at some restaurant in Prague that our tour guide recommended to us.  It was fine, but we had found a deeply authentic local restaurant the night before so it was very much a let-down.

Snaps 342 Snaps 343

Obviously let-down is somewhat of a relative term when you are eating perfectly delicious goulash and beef stew with bread dumplings on a patio in Prague with a dark Pilsner Urquell in hand.

Serious first world problems.

And then there was the issue of this paella in Pamplona.

Snaps 552

We were so hungover and exhausted and hungry that it fit the bill, but in all reality it was Just Terrible.

Again, if your biggest struggle of the day is eating bad paella in Pamplona, like probably things are going okay for you.

What is the best thing you’ve ever eaten on vacation that you can’t find at home?


One response to “Friday Food Round-Up!

  1. Next time you come back to NYC, I will take you to Koliba which is very authentic Czech and Slovak restaurant. The food is amazing even though I might be able to make it too. Trdelnik (pastry) is amazing and I have not see it here yet but look around if you have Czech grocery stores in the area. Polish grocery stores won’t have it.

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