The 26th Year

I loved the goals that I wrote for Year 25. At the heart of all of them was the idea that I needed to stop wasting my time and mental energy on the things that don’t matter, and that I needed to start to saying Yes to the things that could make my life fuller.

You live life reactively if you live a life of No.

Saying Yes I…

Finished two marathons.

Saw the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Prayed at the Western Wall.

Row boated in the middle of Central Park.

Twirled in the Hall of Mirrors.

Ate deep-fried hard shell crabs out of a styrofoam container on the side of the road in the Carolina sunshine.

Floated in the Dead Sea.

Ran with the bulls.

Walked in the light of the Midnight Sun.

If I was looking to check boxes on a bucket list, this year would have pretty much brought the house down.

What’s sort of ironic is the fact that I don’t actually have a bucket list. Though if I did, it would contain the following: Watch the Kentucky Derby live, catch a walleye, catch a muskie, live on the water.

But this year was not about crossing things off. It was about living presently. It was about living as much as possible.

I am not setting any goals for my 26th year, and the reason for that is very simple.

There is no single life change I could make that would drastically increase my quality of living or the quality of the relationships I have.

So this year, for the 26th year, I have decided to start keeping a gratitude journal.

Because sometimes, thankfulness is enough.

I have been blessed with plenty.


7 responses to “The 26th Year

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! You’ve had a lot of great travel this year. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal lately, too. It really changes your outlook. If you do catch a walleye, check out my post for today on how to make walleye two ways! Cheers to an excellent birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday! Girl, you had quite the 25th year. It’s so inspiring to see all of the things you accomplished. Good for you. I think your 26th year plan is perfect. We all need to remember how blessed we are.

  3. Happy birthday!! In the midst of a crazy time in my life last year, I read an article on pink of perfection blog about being grateful. Shared it via twitter with a gal pal who was struggling with a lot of heartbreak, broken trust and the deepest case of the sads. Our version of a gratitude journal? We share three things we’re grateful for daily via text message. 9 months later we’re still sharing our joys, even if they are the smallest of small things. in the sad times, the little things are often what I’m most grateful for.


  4. So, what you gonna do next year?

  5. Wishing you the best on your 26th year. If your 25th year checklist and ongoing recounting of adventures here is any indicator, Year 26 will be pretty darn groovy too. As we say Out West: Hee Haw!

  6. You are wonderful. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!
    Enjoy your next trip around the sun my friend!

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