Not Marathon Training: Week Two

Ah yes.  Another week of Not Marathon Training.

I think we’ll know that I’ve properly turned the corner once I stop thinking of it as Not Marathon Training. 😉

There’s really not a lot to say where 10 mile training is concerned.  The heat was just out of control last week and doesn’t look to be letting up.  I got to do my weekend runs outside (and early in the morning!) but the rest of my time was spent on the treadmill at an incline.

Why the incline?

For those members of the group not familiar with the 10 Mile course, Mile 2.5 – Mile 7.5 are essentially all some sort of climb to the tune of 200 feet.  It’s a party.  But I would vastly prefer it as the middle of a 10 mile race, than Mile 20 – Mile 24 of the marathon.

Also, I forgot to include this last week, but Hannah’s Ice Bath Beat-Down just cracked me up.

As the last bit of this evening’s potpourri, my parents gave me this as a birthday gift.


Perfect, right?

I think its new life will be attached to  DIY medal rack.  I had never planned on actioning my own medal rack but I think we can all agree that would be the most ideal permanent place of residence for the snail.


2 responses to “Not Marathon Training: Week Two

  1. That is great that you are running at an incline and can sustain it. Guess what? I ran a 5k race on Saturday and placed first (out of the women)! Now granted there were only about 100 people running the race but still… I’ve been using a lot of the tips you have been giving in the last couple of months. I think my time was just over 25 minutes and I was the only girl to come in at the top twenty!!! I thought of you when I won- because you’re awesome!! Thanks for all of the tips and help.

    I really enjoyed your pictures of Iceland. Very beautiful. You are a world traveler for sure. Glad you are having great times, especially with your husbband, nothing better, if you ask me. 🙂 Love to you,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  2. I had successfully avoided thinking about The Hill (which is, essentially, The Course) until your post. Seems hill training should be added to my list of necessary evils. And thanks for the shout out!

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