A Change in Course

I know, I know.  Last week I barely posted, this week, there is so much to do to get back on-track.

I took a break after last Monday’s run that lasted until Saturday morning.  I power walked.  I did yoga.  I drank beer.  I wrote a new training plan that is essentially the first eight weeks of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half-Marathon plan.

Except for the part where I spent the first week mostly resting and not running instead of running and not resting.

Which, is probably not entirely dissimilar to what I would have elected to train off of, had this all come about organically in the first place.

I think what is really telling is that when Ann and I spoke today, she asked me how I was feeling about…All Of This, one week later.  And honestly?  I am still feeling incredibly relieved.

All is well.  All will be well.


One response to “A Change in Course

  1. Life is busy enough when one isn’t training for a marathon; a person has to prioritize. First things, First. Second thing second and the rest can just be shined on until later.

    You are awesome and you will rock your marathon as long as you take care of yourself.


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