An Unrepeatable Weekend.

I know, I know.  Tonight is meant to be about running.  But sometimes life happens (or Marcus and I head out for a Sunday night double-date) and we get thrown a bit off track.

So, we talk about the weekend instead.

Obviously the only thing that could possibly fuel me through such a long week at work last week was the hope of a trip to the cabin once the weekend hit.

August 16-18 001

This weekend I was up with Auntie Kim and Uncle Steve, Cousins Sharon and David, Summer (Sharon’s friend) and Billy.

It’s always a potpourri.  After having a few beers on Friday evening, we decided to head out on the boat.

I found this puppy.

August 16-18 003

And then after forcing Billy to teach me how to cast (thank you, brother!), I really threw him under the boat.

August 16-18 004

This picture was  staged as per Summer’s coaching of: You’re supposed to grab it under the gills!

I still do not understand why you can’t just be grabbing it with both hands.

Billy tried to rally.

August 16-18 006

Yet more evidence that our lake’s perch population is just booming.

And then he brought us ashore.

August 16-18 005

So that we could eat dinner and enjoy the sunset.

August 16-18 007

My life.  So hard.

On Saturday morning, I woke up and headed into town with Auntie Kim.  She and Shady went for a walk.  I went for a short run and then hit up the Holiday station for their sweet coffee setup.August 16-18 008

We all know I’m more of a brew it than buy it kind of girl, but I do have a secret love for vanilla coffee and it’s only $1.59 at the gas station.  I have no love in my heart for $4 coffee drinks.

We spent much of the day at the Big Pine Lake Association Annual Meeting.  Billy and I made the most of our time by live tweeting the event under #BPAM13.  Partially to entertain ourselves, partially to keep a running dialogue going for our parents, who were not able to attend personally.

Once we were released from our captivity, Sharon, David, Summer and I headed out on the boat to tan/nap/chat for a few hours.

There was some raking of seaweed, some Zorbaz Mexican Pizza and some watching the hummingbirds fight.

The evening’s events would take the ladies t0 Breezy Point to see Elvis (AKA The Elvis Impersonator AKA Chris Olson AKA The Memories of Elvis Show) that they have had running for 19 summers.  Neither Sharon nor I had ever seen it though basically everyone else in our family had.

August 16-18 009

Changing the lake view up was not such a bad thing.

I got to get back in-touch with Grainbelt Nordeast (and a lot of it).

August 16-18 010

And the sunset was not disappointing.

August 16-18 011

After Elvis was done playing (his set was probably 2-ish hours), we headed inside to the bar to dance to this really incredible Chicago cover band.  It was such an 11/10 girls’ night.

The next morning I woke up and debated between going for a run (I had 5 miles on the schedule) or sitting by the lake with some coffee and doing my run when I got home.

Obviously I made the only decision that I could.

August 16-18 013

On the way down, I stopped at Cragun’s to visit with Marcus’ aunt, uncle and cousins who were just beginning their week at the cabin.  We chatted on the patio, drank (more) coffee, admired Gull Lake and then fed…the gulls.

August 16-18 014

I think the only thing that can take the edge off of Going Home is being around people who are only just beginning their time Up North.  Their joy is just so…contagious that there is no place for melancholy.


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  1. Adored this post because it = happiness.

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