Crosslake Dam Run 10k Race Recap

To summarize an extremely long story of how this all came to be: I was supposed to run the Get In Gear 10k (my first ever) in April, but my tendonitis was back with a vengeance.  Some girlfriends who were meant to come into town for the Minnesota Half Marathon could not, so I went Up North to the cabin instead.

Not a bad deal, people.  Not a bad deal.

When I run at the cabin, I run in town for a host of reasons, largest of them being the fact that Dru Sjodin is buried about a half mile away from our cabin and if that’s not a terrible reminder of the bad shit that can happen to women, I do not know what is.

So anyway, Mom and I drove into town together because she was going to hit the pool and swim while I was doing my long run.  As we made the turn toward the hotel-turned-townie pool club, we saw handmade signs advertising a 5k/10k.

And as we pulled into the parking lot, we found this situation.  Hello, race course.

August 2-4 020

I filled out my first ever race-day registration blank.

August 2-4 021

(yes, that is still A Thing)

And grabbed my bib.

August 2-4 022

I think we have all come to understand at this point that most all of my racing decisions are made impulsively.  Go with the flow and all that.

I spent most of the time before the race…running, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this scene laid out in front of me.  I just want y’all to take a look at the four porta potties they made available to the 300-ish runners participating in the 5k and 10k.

August 2-4 023

That is TWO MORE POTTIES than my corral for the Paris Marathon.  God, we were basically in the lap of luxury.

This road was our start corral.

August 2-4 024

The actual start line was a pair of cones.

Kindly a mother and daughter from Cloquet obliged my request for a snap.  I felt like it was important to commemorate this Important Moment in my running career.

August 2-4 025

After a bit of spoken word announcing (including directions on how to properly follow the course), we were off.

This was approximately 1.5 miles into the race.  The first mile was a loop and then we set to the rest of the course.

August 2-4 026

And, of course, we went over the dam and the bridge crossing the Pine River, which, leads directly down to our lake.

August 2-4 027 August 2-4 028

To summarize everything between Mile 1.5 and the end of the race: I tailed a pair of runners for the entirety of the race, which was nice because I had no real pace goal beyond running sub-10:00 minute miles.  We ran on an open road for Miles 1.5-3, which was just festive as all get out.  My legs felt bricked most of the time and they had water stops at Miles 3 and 5.

Mom asked me how long I thought it would take to finish the race, so that she could be at the finish line.  I mean, it was sort of a big day.

August 2-4 049

I teased her more than a little bit afterward about the fact that I had tricked her in coming to yet another one of my finish lines.  But I really did look forward to seeing her there.

My final time was 57:08.

These people did not skimp on the post-run snacks either – there were bunches of bananas, too many varieties of juice and Gatorade to count and most importantly, these beauties.

August 2-4 029

The sprinkle-a-day-diet is going strong people.  Related: If you get the chance to stop by Reed’s in Crosslake, they really do have a good thing going on where their maple-frosted donuts are concerned.  My Word.

And then, just for kicks, there was this shell I plucked up in the lake while I was actioning yet another White Trash Ice Bath.

August 2-4 030


4 responses to “Crosslake Dam Run 10k Race Recap

  1. What fun to do something on such impulse. We NEED to 10K together someday; it seems that we have similar paces (thank God).
    Actively searching out races that offer doughnuts.

  2. It always kills me when we are at a swim meet and they are selling doughnuts while the swimmers are competing? I think…why? At least they are handing your doughnuts after you compete. 🙂 Great job, you’re awesome. Love,

    Shauna xoxo

  3. Congratulations on finally losing your 10k V-card! Would have loved to have you with me at GIG but bravo for finding a suitable alternative. (GIG didn’t have doughnuts!)

  4. I love that you did this impulsively. It was meant to be! And great time! Congrats.

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